Interview: Music Business Tips from Hiphop Legend, Geechi Suede of Camp Lo

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How do you stay relevant in a business that's forever changing? This is the story of hiphop hero & 1 of my favorite artists of all-time, Geechi Suede. Geechi Suede & Camp-Lo were the architects of a creative movement within the hiphop culture during the late 90's, that still lives today.

I was able to touchbase with him through a mutual friend from, Keeynote.com, to talk about not only his new album "Fishnet Skyscrapers", but also useful gems that can help artist's who'd like to follow in his footsteps. Sparkling!!!

BFM: How does it make you feel when a fan says that you were an inspiration in his/her career.

Wow! To be an inspiration for someone is probably the top compliment you can get.. Not just as an artist but in general... Definitely flattering.. A blessing that humbles you...

BFM: How has the music industry changed since the late 90's to now?

Drastically! Haha obviously from a technology standpoint but also the music it's self... No disrespect to anyone but basically we went from organic home grown Hip Hop to microwave Rap...

BFM: How do you think the rise of the digital age has played a role in how music is promoted & sold?

Well it's a lot easier to push things out because of this new system being used... However it's not selling as much because of it and also I don't think the art is being appreciated as much either..

BFM: Business-wise what's the 1st thing an mc should do when labels start to persue?

Keep Family around and Have a tight team! Manager/Lawyer on deckington! Stay grounded! It's just the beginning ..

BFM: Whatsup with Sonny Cheeba? Is Camplo seperated?

We are Camp LO for Life!!!! Cheeba is fine were working on 2 new LO projects 1 produced by Ski Beatz and the other Produced by Pete Rock 80 Blocks From Tiffany's/ So although this project is a prelude to those projects you can still expect a series from me.

BFM: What's the concept behind your new project "Fishnet SkyScrapers"?

"Fishnet Skyscrapers" is a celebratory toast to women of success! And for the fellas that appreciate them!

BFM: Will fans get a new Geechi Suede or the Camplo Geechi Suede when the purchase "Fishnet SkyScrapers"?

Their gonna get the Geechi they know cause ultimately Fishnet is just the introduction to other projects where I will be displaying different aspects of my personality..

BFM: Do you have any advice for youngins trying get in the game now?

Stay creative! Stay motivated! Stay original! Stay humble! Read everything! Ask questions! Tight team!!

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