"Finally an ebook for the streets, that easily breaks down how to use the Internet to quick start your independent music career!"  

-Shawn Perry, DigitizedHiphop.com

"It’s a great resource for any artist looking up their online-promo game."
-Lightamatch, BigTimeBuzz.com

"If you are an artist or representing an artist and are feeling stuck with getting your music heard online, then this eBook is a must for you. Carl breaks it down into simple steps and even includes a list of websites and emails to get started with. Do not sleep on this gem!"
 -Jesse Janson, GetRightMusic.com

“If you are not rich and able to pay thousands of dollars to hire your own marketing manager or press release manager to present your music and brand to blogs and music websites for you then this book will show you different tools that will empower you to do these things yourself.”
-Dylan Burns-Miller, ProducerToolz.com

"Jones takes readers through all the neccessary steps to master the areas of: Self-Management, Public Relations, & Social Media.He provides well thought out ideas & examples with links to helpful websites in each section."
-Miracle Leroy, Theillixer.com


“I just had a read of (Digital Hustle) ebook and I think it's a very good resource!”
-Laurens Haines, Lozzamusic.com

''Harsharan and the team has read this very insightful, informative ebook. It has lots of Golden Nuggets for artist to really build their music careers with. Digital Hustle is full of value and packed with very valuable content.''
-Harsharan Landa, harsharanlanda.blogspot.com

“Awesome e-book! Very informative and helpful to the common indie artist. Our readers & clients will love this e-book.
-British Tracks, LeveL-UpMagazine.com

“Big S/O to Babyface Monster and Chi-Bangerz.com. As a blogger, we work with many new artists, but what we actually post is a small portion of what we receive. It's extremely important to spend some time focusing on how to present and release new material. This book is a great reference if you want to stand out in a popular culture with increasingly talented people. You have to remember, everybody "raps" these days, and some of them are pretty good. Perfect the basics and increase your chance for success.” 
-Brent Butcher, Goill.net

“This e-Book will help those artist gain knowledge in succeeding in the age of social networks and technology.”
-Curtis Carey, Chicityhiphop.net

"I think that "Digital Hustle" by Carl Jones is a useful tool for artists trying to make it on their own.  It provides direction and insightful steps that are definitely worth the read!"
-Benja, Da-What.com

"Digital Hustle is a great resource for Artists to further familiarize themselves with efficient ways for pushing their music online."

I" definitely support this...this is useful information and something that all artists could benefit from!!!"
-Patrick, Praverb.net

“Damn... I can’t wait to grab one (a copy).”
-Grey Granite, HeavyGunBlog.com

“I think a book composed of the basics to launch a career was heavily needed.”
-Phenom Blak, Wheresmy40acres.com
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