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To properly post your new music to as many websites as possible you will need a publicist or public relations agent. The publicist is the person who solicits your music to different branches of the press to gain your brand exposure.

 If you are an independent artist (like me), 9 times out of 10 you don't have the funds to pay a public relations agent. This is when you will have to act as your own publicist. It's a full-time job in itself, but if done properly it will reward your career greatly! This article will teach you how to gather email addresses, build & organize your databases, and send clean press releases in efforts to get music posted to ever music blog in the world!!!  Read the full version at www.DigitalHustleBook.com

1. Gather emails

2. Organize databases

3. Send Press Release

4. Followup

Blog Types

Blogs are music websites that showcase new talent. They are the best way for indie artist's to instantly get exposed to thousands of potential fans & industry tastemakers. Most blogs are written independently by music enthusiasts who don't get paid to do so. Other large blogs are structured like a company with more than one writer & is sponsored by multiple advertisers. Your job now is to get these people's attention.

The best way to get people to listen to your music is by emailing them a press release. A press release is a letter that informs others about your new or upcoming music, events, or news. A standard press release will contain a link to your music, professional photography, a summary about what you want promoted, & your contact info. Different websites require different components to submit your music. The press release has to be professional, straight to the point, & all links must work or your music may not get the time of day.

Gather & Organize Blog Contacts
After you visit the sites you know, search google.com by city for the sites you don't.

When you're satisfied with the list you've compiled, now you're ready to send out a press release.

How To Create A Press Release
Every blog has their preference on how they want packages delivered to their doorstep. The key is to just remember most of these blogger aren't getting paid to help you get exposure. Assume they have a regular day job, go through the everyday grind just like you, & reviewing music is just their hobby. They receive 100's of emails weekly from artists just like you begging for them to listen to their music. Bloggers have limited time. It's impossible to listen to everybody's music & then spend 30 minutes writing about it. So instead what they do is skim through & check who hasn't followed simple directions, whose links don't work, whose picture looks unprofessional or isn't even attached. DELETE. You just saved that blogger 30 minutes that he/she can use to spend with their family. With this said, don't make posting your music up any harder for them than it has to be.

In your email account "Compose New" email. In the subject column either you can type "Music Submission" or you can go with whatever you believe will capture the attention of that particular blog. In the body of this email you'll start by complimenting the blogger on having such a great outlet for artists like yourself, introduce yourself, & let them know why the content you're submitting today is so special. Try to be brief as to not bombard the contact with so much stuff that they don't know what you're presenting. In other words, if you want them to post your latest song, don't send your song, plus 3 videos, & your album from last year too. Again make it very simple for them. Explain in an easy paragraph who you are, what you're sending, & when your entire project is scheduled to be released.

Sending Your Press Release
Next, decide if you want to send press release to blogs one at a time or all at once. People have their opinion, but there's no right or wrong choice here. Either you can study a particular blog, find out who runs it, & send a very well thought out personal email to one site. Or you can choose to send a mass email to 300 blogs simultaneously. When sending an email to multiple recipients you always want to go to the "Bcc" row. Type in the "Blogs" label to pull up all contacts in the list you made. Be sure to put an extra recipient in the "To" row, then press send.

For a better response I highly recommend giving a small monthly fee to sign up for an email marketing service like MadMimi. It really makes this process a lot smoother. This service manages your email list, sends out beautiful email blasts with embedded images that you can easily design yourself, & tracks emails sent so that you know exactly who opened your press release.



Uploading Music and Picture Files
Next upload your music an upload site. Standard free upload sites are hulkshare, soundcloud, youtube, bandcamp, & photobucket. All have different strengths & uses. Hulkshare & soundcloud are my favorite for mp3s. Youtube is the best for video uploads. Bandcamp & mediafire are both cool sites for whole album upload & photobucket is used for uploading your coverart. After uploading successfully to all programs that apply, there will be a unique link that will be provided for said upload. Copy & paste those needed links into the email. Upload music to as many different progams as possible giving them the power to choose which they will post. Make sure all links work or your wasting your time & damaging your credibility.

If you don't have a facebook, twitter, or personal website already you probably should be reading another article. After you've said what you want about the submission, all links are properly working, & you have the cover-art that matches the song or album. Then you sincerely thank them for taking the time to read your press release even if they decide not to post it. At the very bottom leave your contact info, because how else would you know if that particular site posted your music or not. Leaving any combination of your website, facebook, twitter, or email address is good. The outcome of your press release should look something like the example below.



The article you've just read was taken from the new ebook called "Digital Hustle".

The downloadable book uncovers 3 revolutionary strategies for independent artist's to conquer the internet world. He also gives away over 300 updated hip-hop blog, radio, & magazine email addresses!!! Thank you.

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