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While writing my new book "Digital Hustle", I had the rare opportunity to speak with blog owners across the US. They shed some light on the Do's & Dont's of blog submission. Hopefully these tips will be helpful to independent artist's looking to gain music more exposure. 

Q: What is a good way to get your attention?

A: The best advice to artist looking to get their music posted on my site would be to have information organized in submissions, good music and keeping your grind consistent.

Q: Would you say you'd post an organized artist alot faster than an un-organized artist?

 A: Absolutely! I get so many e-mails and it's easy to miss the more unorganized ones, so an artist who takes the initiative to be organized is showing that he/she is serious about what they do.

-Curtis Carey www.chicityhiphop.net



Q: How do you feel when an idiot sends you an email without properly using "Bcc" showing the 100 other blogs it forwarded to?

A: This is a major NO NO. I get these emails often. An artist sends me their bio/tracks to me along with 30 or more other people. This is just a lazy way to get your music heard. I understand you will send your music to several people. Look at it like this. If you send your resume to 30 different companies in one email, do you really think you will get a response??? Hell no! All the people I know, along with myself, just DELETE the email every time and flag it as spam. You just blackballed yourself. 

Q: What is a good way to get your attention?

A: Be original and humble - accept criticism - not to big in the head to listen.

-CrunkAtlanta, www.promotewho.com


Q: What is a good way to get your attention?

A: As a magazine, we're always looking for clients with a unique and international brand. Throughout the arts community we've noticed an amazing untapped resource of talent who have taken their brands to the next level independently. When someone is passionate about what they do, they not only represent it well, they tend to stay in your mental, even after the experience is over; they encourage you to want to know more.

This industry is so competitive that whatever you do needs to be done at the most professional and attractive level possible; may it be music, fashion, art, modeling, entrepreneurship, etc. Artists who are trendsetters, out-of-the-box thinkers, and create something that we haven't seen before get our attention the most. A loyal fanbase and an attractive website/portfolio tends to go hand-in-hand and should be the main focus for any newbies on the scene.

Independent media is a great tool for creators in the arts. Support all avenues of promotion and always be sure to network with those in the industry who take an interest in your talent.

-British Tracks, LeveL-UpMagazine.com



Q: What is a good way to get your attention?

A: The best way to get my attention is to create your own lane and attract my attention. Creating a following on your own is so important. Simply emailing me with your new music will 99% of the time not even get opened up. There is just too much of that going on. You need to be creative and have a different marketing plan set.

Q: How many people write for your site & how much time do you personally invest blogging per/wk?

A: Currently there are 5 people who write for the Get Right Music. We are always looking for more content creators. Personally, I invest about a few hours per day to blogging, but my attention is always on the site, so an exact number would be hard to state.

–Jesse, GetRightMusic.com


Q: What advice can you give for an artist looking to get posted on your site?

A: When posting to my site, DigitizedHiphop.com. Send an individual email not a "BCC" to make it more personal. Also send your music in a "Sound Cloud" format or "You Tube", to digitizedhiphop@gmail.com.

-Shawn, Digitizedhiphop.com


Q: What advice can you give an artist to get posted on your site?

A: My advice for an artist trying to get posted on the site is to make sure you include information about yourself and the music in a clear and concise manner. If I have no standing relationship, make sure to introduce yourself and not just send me a song. Many sites have different forms that they require to have the music sent to them but including an attached MP3 and a place to stream it online will probably cover almost any site's requirements. I don't always have time to download every mixtape I receive but I do listen to everything.

-Benja, Da-What.com

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